• Transportation for all

    We believe that everyone regardless of age, race, sex, gender, religion sexuality, political affiliation or special needs has the right to transport that is easily accessible and caters for every need.

    Here is what we have done

    • Power of choice
      Our fleet includes registered taxis and privately owned cars with vehicle selections ranging from conventional sedans to seven passenger minibuses
    • Anywhere pickup
      Choose your pickup location, be it at home, a public place or at work it’s all available to you.
    • Anytime
      Book a ride for now, later or next day there is always a driver available for when you need us the most
  • Transportation that’s safe

    We believe that the public deserves a safe transportation system that they can trust, one that they can feel safe on, one that they can trust their loved ones to use.

    Here is what we have done

    • Screening
      All of our drivers are screened to ensure they have no criminal records and no major traffic violations
      All vehicles are inspected to ensure that all safety requirements are met and they are maintained in accordance with law.
    • Training and code of conduct
      All vehicles are inspected to ensure that all safety requirements are met and they are maintained in accordance with law.
    • Safety features
      All of our rides are monitored from beginning to completion so there’s a record of yoru trip if something happens.
      Both passenger and driver are contacted at the end of each trip to ensure safe arrival at drop-off location.
      SOS emergency button and safe word is available to both passenger and driver during ride and can be activated if needed to contact or acknowledge dispatch operator of emergency/danger.
      Both driver and passenger information is available upon booking and must be verified before trip can begin.
      Share your ride details and location with loved ones and friends via WhatsApp Facebook or any third party app.
    • Support
      In-app customer support along with dispatch operators is available 24/7 to ensure customer safety, satisfaction and quality of service.
    • 2-way ratings
      Your feedback matters that’s why we have implemented 2-way user ratings, low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed to protect the Caby community.
  • Transportation that’s convenient

    Transportation is not a want but a need and in this regard it should be ever so reliable and accessible.

    Here is what we have done

    • No more hassle
      By a tap of a screen you are able to choose your vehicle of choice, your booking date, and time, drop-off location and have your ride confirmed along with driver details all available to you in mere seconds.
    • No more waiting
      With the implementation of our geo-location based technology we pair you with the nearest available driver that is only minutes away. Upon confirmation of booking, track your driver in real time as he journeys to your pickup location.
    • Multiple device and platform support
      With social login and multiple device support our app is adaptive and can fit on any mobile device, smart phone and is available on both Android and IOS platforms.
    • Multiple ways to pay
      Pay your fares by cash, credit card, PayPal or our very own Caby wallet
  • Transportation that’s affordable
    • Value for buck
      We provide the highest quality of service and experience for the lowest possible price available.
    • Transparent fees.
      There are no hidden fees. To ride with us select a rate card, choose your city and check the difference in ride cost based on time of day that you choose to ride.
    • Ride and earn
      Every time you ride with us we reward you for riding, by giving you $5 off your very next ride. So you earn and save on every ride that you take with us.

Check your ride, every time you ride

Matching the car model and license plate with the information in your app makes for a safer ride. Be certain that you get into the right car by following these steps:

Step 1

Before you get into a car, check the app for your driver’s information

Step 2

Match the driver, car model, and license plate number with the information in the app.

Step 3

Have your driver confirm your name before they go.

What Our App Offers to Passengers

Sign up/Login – The ability to sign up for an account and to login/logout as you please
Select a Taxi Category – Taxi, car, taxi van, minivan.
Book Ride Now – Immedidate and instant pick up
Book Ride for Later – For a later time, day or date
Ride Estimate – Total cost of ride
Make payment – Cash, Credit card, PayPal, wallet (our built in app feature)
Rate the Ride – Rate your driver and ride experience
Chat with your driver
Check Ride History – Check the difference in ride cost based on the time of day that you choose to ride
Contact Support – In-app customer suport that allows you to contact us quickly
Share location – Friends and family can follow yoru route and will know as soon as you arrive
Notes to driver – Leave short notes of specific instructions or important details with your passenger ride request
SOS panic button and safe word.


Respect your driver and treat your driver the way you would like to be treated yourself.
Always try to be on time for your ride because nobody likes to wait.
Do not shout, swear or slam the car door.
Please tidy up after yourself whether it’s taking your trash home or cleaning up a spilled drink it’s your responsibility to clean up after yourself.
Give driver some personal space we all value our personal space and privacy.
As a passenger, if you need to make a phone call, keep your voice down to avoid disturbing your driver.
Children must be supervised by parent or guardian at all times.
Do not damage the driver property e.g. damaging the car.
No intentional spilling of food or drink, smoking, or vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption.
Do not sexually harass or make appropriate advances or gesture towards driver.
No inappropriate language, overly personal questions, verbal threats, comments or behavior that can be considered aggressive, sexual, discriminatory or disrespectful in nature.


Ride Now requests that have been canceled within five minutes of the ride or before the ride has started will not incur a cancelation fee but passenger account will be flagged and cancellation noted as to maintain a record for future occurrences. ‘Ride’ refers to driver en route to passenger pickup location and not after trip has started. Passengers who show a pattern of suspicious behavior in terms of cancellations may be removed from the Caby community and banned from the platform to main user safety.

Ride requests that have been canceled while trip is ongoing or at passenger pickup location before trip has started will incur a cancellation fee of the based rate of vehicle selected. E.g. taxi (H) TT $20 or taxi (H) 7 Passenger TT $35 and passenger account will be flagged and cancellation noted as to maintain a record for future occurrences. Passengers who fail to pay cancellation fee will be immediately removed from the Caby community and banned from using the platform. Passengers may still run the risk of being removed and banned from the Caby platform if it is discovered that such cancellation is mischievous or suspicious in nature even after cancellation fee is paid.