To establish a transportation network in Trinidad and Tobago that is reliable, consistent, safe, flexible, affordable and protects the existing taxi industry, while leading the way in innovation and service enhancement, especially in areas which are not well serviced, while creating flexible and independent jobs for drivers.


Caby Trinidad and Tobago Limited is a transportation network company (TNC), sometimes known as a mobility service provider (MSP), our organization/business pairs or matches passengers via our mobile apps with drivers who provide such services. We are not focused on profit but on making T&T safer one ride at a time, that’s why we have taken every step necessary to ensure the safety of both passenger and driver through the implementation of our built in app features as well as our support team that is available 24/7

The Caby Experience

We at Caby have taken on the responsibility, challenged and task of creating a network of drivers that the public can access at any time for safe convenient and affordable transport. We have screened all of our drivers to ensure they have no criminal records and no major traffic or driver violations. We have provided state of the art technology and consolidated every feature that you may require into one app.

A Safer Community

We believe you deserve a safe transportation service, safe enough for us to trust our own mothers, sisters, children and loved ones to use. So we have created guidelines that protect and help passenger and drivers enjoy a safe comfortable ride experience. Any person who doesn’t follow these guidelines may be at risk of being removed from the platform for the safety of the Caby community.